Hey can anyone tell me what these numbers mean in this tab:

This is part of a guitar tab sheet of Jay Chou's song "Qing Tian". Usually I can read guitar tabulature but these ones seem strange to me.
First of all there are chords at the top of each bar and you still gotta pluck strings at the same time. After a while I kind of figured it was to help with finger placement but now I'm stuck on the next bit, what's with the random numbers? At first I thought the numbers had something to do with frets but there are just too many and it sounded off on my guitar.

If anyone needs the full tab sheet to analyze I can upload it.
umm, it has like a heap of 7s, unless you have 7 fingers, not likely.
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Judging from their placement it looks to be something related to the lyrics. Quite possibly something about the syllables?

The whole tab looks strange though. Rarely do you see the picking of chords written with x's instead of numbers on the tab staffs, so you have to know the chords first and then pick what it says.

I'd just ignore those numbers you've highlighted. If you notice something's wrong when you're playing it then they most likely do have some purpose for the playing, but it doesn't look that way from that section.
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