Hi. I bought a new ZOOM G2.U1 for $199AU and wanted to know. It has USB cable support and comes with Cubase software, but will it work with Garageband 3? I would prefer using that because I am familiar with it already. Thanks in advance.
Probably, it should.

It's not like Cubase has a built-in support for Zoom effects, or something. So it should work with most similar programs.
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Yeah it will most propably work with it... But Cubase is also a kickass boss programm!...
cubase will trample over garage band 3.... even graage band 24 if they ever get to that version
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the real cubase isn't that expensive for no reason ...
It's really really really good software!


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If you want to download the full version, search for Cubase H2O (you need to insert a memory-stick with the serialcode and with the H2O version you won't need it)
OK. The board i got comes with Cubase anyway so I'll try out both. I'm sure that Cubase will be better. Just because Garageband is free and comes with macos x.