Cinnamon summers.
Glycerin springs
with sparkled clichés,
Yes, it says

I recall
seeing those polka dots sheets,
those knee-torn jeans,
Those movie posters,
The broken zipper.

Hey, that's your bedroom
It remind me of a day when I was drunk. In other words, I was completely wasted. Next morning I was like “OMG where am I? Srry for a lame crit but I really enjoyed it
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What a connection.

"Success is as dangerous as failure. Hope is as hollow as fear." - from Tao Te Ching

Matt and Randy's AIM Critiques!!!!

matt is art: Okay he's unsure of what he's writing, he isn't even secure enough with his lines
matt is art: No, Wait.
UncleStellar: oh God, this is terrible.
matt is art: hahaha
UncleStellar: Who the fucks ever had a cinnamon summer?
UncleStellar: A Care Bear?
matt is art: I guess you would
matt is art: if you lived in Candy Land
matt is art: Strawberry Shortcake
UncleStellar: Apparently this guys ashamed of his bedroom:
UncleStellar: "Fuck!!!!"
matt is art: Well, building and painting Gundam Wings will do that to you.
UncleStellar: Glycerin Springs. Sounds explosive.
matt is art: Sounds like something Bush didn't write.
matt is art: Gavin Rossdale would be proud of this vague piece of absolutely nothing.
UncleStellar: haha
matt is art: What does the first verse have to do with the second verse?
UncleStellar: Absolutely nothing
matt is art: I do appreciate how he even acknowledges how cliche it all is.
matt is art: It makes our job easier that's for damn sure.
UncleStellar: He could've just kept saying, "Breathe in breathe out breathe in breathe out!"
matt is art: hahaha
matt is art: MACHINE-HEAAAD!
UncleStellar: And what the fuck happened on 5/19/07? Someone's birthday? The day he came out?
matt is art: I'm baffled.
UncleStellar: "Dear Diary - 5/19/07 - I am a faggot"
matt is art: I know English isn't his first langauge
matt is art: but he could make an attempt, to at least be coherant.
matt is art: Apparently
UncleStellar: He only writes in English so his French friends will think he's pretentious
matt is art: The Glycerin springs say 5/19/2007
matt is art: hahaha
matt is art: The broken zipper.
matt is art: THE broken zipper.
UncleStellar: THE ONE AND ONLY
UncleStellar: EVER!
matt is art: HE HAS IT.
matt is art: I think
matt is art: and this is just a simple man's interpretation
matt is art: He is trying to get a blowjob
matt is art: and his zipper broke
matt is art: and his boyfriend doesn't have the brain power to innact a simple action.
UncleStellar: And since he has THE ONE AND ONLY zipper, getting a blowjob will be easy.
UncleStellar: That's like owning a locke of Zac Effron's pubes
matt is art: Hahaha
matt is art: He wrote this after watching High School Musical.
matt is art: His mom walked into his bedroom, saw the lifesize Zac Effron cardboard cut out, and said the poem's genius closer, and exactly what I think about this torrid piece of trash; "Fuck."
UncleStellar: I bet Jesse Lacey told him High School Musical was great, so he went out and bought the DVD's, along with Neutral Milk Hotel, Modest Mouse, and Built To Spill albums
matt is art: "The tongue is the only muscle in my body that works harder than my heart.)
matt is art: I bet that is on his myspace, somewhere.
matt is art: Or his aim profile.
UncleStellar: "The dick is the only muscle on my body that definitely makes me a faggot."
UncleStellar: Calling people fags is fun
matt is art: haha
Poor advice.
For some reason I knew it was coming


Edit : I expected something more from you guys
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