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Hi everybody,

This is my cover of Satch's Midnight:
Please rate and/or comment it..

EDIT: check out my other cover thread too!

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Pretty good, your tempo is a slightly off in the first part. Other than that nice 2 handed tapping Are you dampening the strings at all?

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The tempo's like that because that's the way the song is, the variation in tempo is a part of the song.. have you seen the original? Of course its better than my cover (its Satch ) but he varies the tempo just like I do..
Otherwise tnx for the comment don't forget to rate the video on youtube!
And no, i'm not dampening strings..

Hehe tnx, well i found out afterwards that my tone is better if i use both neck and bridge pickups instead of only the neck pickup.. But hell check out some other covers, the tones of some people REALLY suck xD they make my tone sound amazing

Tnx for the good comment
Well, that is pretty damn good my friend!

I've not heard the original, although I'm very familiar in Satch's style, but it sounds very awesome. Yeah, as mentioned above, the technique is great. I have problems with co-ordination when I tap with two or more fingers on the picking hand (I can tap fine with both hands). Out of interest, do you know Vai's 'Building the Church'? Also, do you have any tips on perfecting this technique?

Erm, yeah the tone was ok, but I'm guessing that probably the recording quality may have worsened it. What amp are you using?

Anyway, keep up the good work!

It would be pretty awesome if you would crit my recording too! Cheers
Hi! Tnx for your great comment..

1) Yea I know Vai's Building The Church, you probably refer to the tapping technique in the intro? I havent tried playing this yet, I think its too difficult for me too.. I'll maybe try sometime, but not just yet. The problem is, you have to pick and tap at the same time, so for all I know the best thing to do is place your picking hand at the location where you need to tap so that you dont have to move your hand all the time. But I wouldn't know, I havent tried this yet..

2) I use a Roland Cube 60, which is a great amp for practicing alone.. The problem is indeed that I didnt record through my PC but just with a photocamera, which means that the quality of my tone was indeed lost.. Secondly the original video was too large in size so I had to cut in the quality again.. Too bad for my tone but I dont think it sounds terrible now

Dont forget to rate/comment the video itself on YouTube too! I would appreciate that..
o.O that's pretty cool. all tapping eh? really interesting vibe. seems like you're actually FEELING the song. it's really good. i dig the guitar too. something on the line of a Thinline Telecaster is it? it u had some reverb/delay kind of effect on it, it woulda sounded a little deeper/fuller (i think u need that for satch...) so yea. good stuff.
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Yea, all tapping.. This is indeed a song that you have to FEEL in order to make it musically interesting. Check out other covers of the song on YouTube, a lot of people copy the GuitarPro tab note per note.. What's so musically interesting about that

My guitar is indeed a Fender Thinline Telecaster, its a reissue of the original 1972 model.. I used a Roland Cube 60 on this video, with lots of reverb.. But I had to cut the quality of the video to fit it in 10MB so a part of my tone was lost. Dang

But hey, tnx for your comment!
Nice playing dude. I always love listening to anything from Satch.
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nice cover, also the tone is very very good and i kinda miss that on the other vids... post your following vids here aswell
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Normally I'm not a big fan of tapping, but you play this really well. The tone sounds great too. And I'm sure this had been said, but your guitar is awesome. I love telecasters and yours is pretty unique.
That was really good, the recording quality doesn't do your playing justice. At the end though it gets a little sloppy, but other than that it was an accurate interpretation of the song.
I know the quality sucked, it was originally a very high quality vid but it was 100MB, so i had to cut the quality so it got below 10MB, you can imagine the loss of quality and tone
And yes, the ending is slightly sloppy but that's the hardest part of the song, the right and left hand movements are very different so in the beginning its very confusing, i got used to it after some practice but you can see it wasnt really perfect.. I was happy about it anyways

Tnx everybody for the great comments! Anyone else?
That was some really nice playing. It just sounds like you've worked on it for ages and ages to get such clean tapping at those speeds, so really well done.

The tone was a little bit over the top for me, it was really really full-on (I'm sure the video quality didn't help this) but it didn't stop it making a great listen.
really nice man, and a cool guitar you got there, i had one for a while. but great technique and i really like the way its played. sweet job

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Wow! Great man! I think the speed/tempo seemed a little bit off at the start of it.. but that got sorted out.

Your technique seemed flawless and it was awesome to listen to...

As people have said, the sound quality wasn't great, but that's not your fault. Erm... little more I can say, you way surpass me as a player.
Tnx everybody for the positive feedback
Skagitup about that tempo.. Yea its been said before but that's just variation in tempo, Satch does that too.. Well in his live version of midnight he does, so if you only know the album version then yes, the intro may sound a little off tempo.. But listen to the live version, that's what i based my cover on

great technique, im not familiar with satriani but this was good

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I love Satriani's stuff and you did a great job on this. Would give you a perfect score if your tone was a bit better, other than that excellent job man.
i'm not familiar with this type of stuff at all. but wow, that was very impressive. There isn't anything to complain about...I was just amused watching. The quality wasn't so bad either. awesome playing. and thanks for the crit.
Nice GREAT playing. But like the others said, maybe the tone could be a little better. But other than that, it was pretty much perfect
Very nicely done! I'd like to hear some of your stuff recorded on something other than a video cam. Great technique.
Great ending, well done!

I didn't like your tone, but the playing more than made up for it and I kept listening. Great playing takes years to develop, improving tone can take minutes with some help, or a lot of money! So I'd rather be you than me lol.

Cheers Craig
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This is great, you actually play with feeling unlike many others on this site. Played very well too...great interpretation of the song! Keep up the good work.
I'm not sure if it was the camera or your tone, but it sounds too overdriven and not smooth enough. I would try using the neck pickup if I were you if you are not already. Playing was really solid though man! Not much to say about that. Good job!
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I'm not sure if it was the camera or your tone, but it sounds too overdriven and not smooth enough. I would try using the neck pickup if I were you if you are not already. Playing was really solid though man! Not much to say about that. Good job!

Its probably a combination of both factors that messed up my sound.. This was the first take and i didnt give a lot of attention to the tone then.. I thought i could do that later on, when i did a couple of takes and picked the best one. Only in the end, the best one turned out to be the first one
But i was using the neck pickup, even in the first one.. It does sound better with both pickups active, i fiddled with tone settings afterwards

Tnx everyone for the great comments! Keep on rating/commenting!

Wow! You do it pretty well! I've never been able to play that song
A great cover, I have trouble keeping time with this song! And, how the hell does Satriani come up with this stuff?!
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Not bad. You don't articulate the notes enough when you're playing the arpeggios, but that aside, it was good.

Side note : The 'Building The Church' intro is all tapping with your index and middle fingers on your left hand and index, middle, and ring fingers on your right. No picking necessary. Phenomenal song. Learning it all the way through is time well spent.
Thanks for the crit. I enjoyed that, love this piece and you play it very well. There's a few very minor faults that's not even worth mentioning. That would just be nit picking, as I see Joe making them every now and again too. Your tone is okay but with the camera recording how do ya tell? Overall, well done I am impressed.
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Killer job! Really blew me away with this one. Also is it just me or are you wearing a shirt that sports the Canadian flag?
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