I'm going to be purchasing one of these but can't decide which to buy. Mark Morton the single, biggest major influence for me and is the main reason I play guitar and I love the look of his guitar, but I also love Les Pauls. I really can't decide between the two. I'm really leaning towards the Dominion.

I want a good guitar for metal, a couple other influences are Children Of Bodom and Megadeth.

P.S. I'm talking about the Les Paul Studio version.

Oh and also the Les Paul Studio and the Mark Morton Dominion are the same price.

I realize I made a thread already, on this but I realized I made it in the wrong section, sorry about that.
um, you've already posted this in basics...i recommend deleting one of them pronto.
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Out of the 2 of those, I'd go for the Jackson; it's got more features and therefore more tonal variety. Options are good.
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As far as quality, especially in this day and age, and features and maybe price? go, Jackson definately wins out.
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Of those two, I'd go for the Jackson, cause I really love the feel of that model, but if you're in to shreddy bands like Deth and Bodom, maybe try something with a Floyd, like a Jackson RR24 or an LTD JH-600?
The jackson domination is a really, really versatible guitar. For me, it's a signature guitar that worth the money