Hey howsit going, I'm sure you guys get a lot of these questions but I only have 5 minutes on the computer so not enough time to look up.

I live in Australia and am going to get a multi-effects pedal, I've heard that the line 6 pod xt is excellent, so I looked it up on ebay and it's over $600 :| (I haven't had a good search though). Now I can buy a Zoom G2.1u from a local store in my town for I think it was in between $200 - $250. I'm going to find out how much a G7 and G9 is.

I play mostly rock and metal, songs from ACDC and Bullet for my Valentine for example. So I'm after effects mainly to do with that, but also some nifty wah, reverb and delay effects.

I could probably scrap up about $300, I don't know what to buy, is there any better/cheaper pedals out there? I'm new to the buying equipment.. I haven't even played for a year yet.

Thanks for your time.
whats your amp? if your playing through a little amp that comes in a starter pack or somthing id say get a new amp first
musiciansfriend dun ship outside US as far as i know

my guitar teach has a zoom G9 and said its a piece of crap (but he has high standards i guess)

i would jst go with a metal muff and a nice wah (for high gain) instead of multi fx... u wont get anything good under 300aus trust me

with the metal muff u can get for about 120aus on ebay (but shipped from USA).. with plenty money left to buy a wah/delay ( u dun REALLI need a delay imo to play ACDC and BFMV)
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Yeah I can't afford Boss stuff I did have a look at them, and I'm pretty much restricted to under $300 equipment. I already have a daphon wah pedal and a 10 year old 'grunge' pedal, but I'm not really happy with them.

Seeing as I'll always just be a hobbyist guitar player I'll go with the crappy Zoom G2 pedal, it should be sufficient enough for what I want.

edit: PS I have a CRAP eternity 50 watt amp that I bought off of ebay. It truely is crap, my old 10 watt starter squire amp put out a better sound. Too bad I sold that .
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