Exterminate Everything Around Me That Restricts Me From Being The Master.

That is the new album from the E6 boys.

Tracks are available to listen to on their Myspazz.

Oddly enough, the songs seem to follow their usual pattern, but with a fair few impressive guitar runs, namely on 'Feed My Habit'.


(yes, I am a massive Electric Six Fan).
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I'm just gonna find their Myspace...

I loved the first album, but haven't heard anything they've done that I think is anywhere near as good. Love the funky guitarists they had back then. I'm the Bomb is probably my favourite track of theirs.

If you look at what tabs I've submitted to UG, you can probably guess that I was a massive fan as well

I'm listening, and I'm not really a fan of what they're doing nowadays unfortunately.
I remember emailing you years back to get an Improper Dancing tab.

I actually had your hotmail for a while, saved under 'Abe E6Dude' or something.

They fair rip in the news songs. Same formula which doesn't reach the heights of 'Fire', but its still good music to shove on before you go out clubbing.

EDIT: I freaking love 'Feed My Habit'.
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Thread back from the dead!

I got the new album the other day. Fantastic record.

This band should be much bigger than they are .
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