I was wondering if I could put up mp3s of my favorite bands in my UG profile.Is it illegal? I mean YouTube users do it so it can't be that bad. Is all music from signed artists copyrighted?
No you can't, you can't upload copyrighted music - i.e. music by signed artists. Only your own recordings, which can include cover versions of other peoples songs.

As for youtube, I'm pretty sure you're not supposed to upload anything copyrighted their either, people just ignore that. Plus... don't youtube get sued like twenty times a day?
Well, so I'm not allowed to upload music NOT made by myself in my profile?
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Correct. Music made by you/your band, whether it's original or a cover is fine, that's what it's there for.

You're not allowed to upload copyrighted recordings by other people without their permission.
What if I asked the band, then it would be okay right. Some smaller bands reply to a lot of their e-mails so if they say its okay I'm good.
Probably better not to do that, to be honest, it'll save some confusion etc.

Feel free to link to a band's MySpazz though.

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