I'm tired of buying the disposable ones and want to buy an electric shaver.

I'm looking for one around $100 - $150 with a cleaning base and one that works good and has blades at a good price that are readily available.

Any suggestions?

I was thinking something like the Braun SyncroPro 7526:

Just wetshave it. Much better than any fuddy-dudy electric shavers.


the Braun one is awesome that type of razor gets you a damn clean shave (I haven't shaved in months though )
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I got a shaver for my pubes. It took me ages to find one that could handle the sheer volume of curlyblacks that inhabit my nether regions.

I finally settled on this:
not a big fan of electric shavers. i like that new(er) gillette razor with the 5 blades and the single blade on the back.

the electric ones always give me a rash and dont cut very close.
now thats a razor

So far I still like the SyncroPro 7526 best
Since the refill packs are pricey I won't use the cleaner station every time i use the razor and I'll clean the parts by hand every now and then