I've been playing guitar for a couple years, and I'm not too bad at playing. However, I AM bad at tabbing. My ear just isn't that good at picking out the notes.

Anyways, there's this song I want to play, but no tabs exist for it. I was wondering if there was someone out there who could tab it for me.

And to those out there who are all about, "What's your problem? Do it yourself!"

I have tried to do it myself and have been unsuccessful. That's why I came here for help.

The song is "There to Here," by Jill Paquette, and is purely instrumental. It might be difficult to find, so I can email it as an attachment to anyone who wants to tab it (It's only 1:53 long, so it wouldn't be too large of an attachment).

I would be ecstatic if someone would be willing to help a guitarist in need.

(you can also look at it in my profile at http://profile.ultimate-guitar.com/...c/all/play71276 )
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cool! thank you. I left you a couple messages in your profile inbox.
It's in your profile but oh snap it's acoustic. Sorry, it'd be impossible for me to do completely by ear...I only have an electric with me, nothing to compare!