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Sunshine of your love with me on vocals, guitar and bass. C4C let me know what you think. On my profile.

It was a bit different and a very good effort.

Did you mean to speed up with the riff during the last verse? You were rushing it compared to earlier in the song. Would be kind of cool if you knew a drummer so you had someone to keep the timing perfect for you.

Also with the chorus you need to play, C5 G5 A5 A5, by playing them on the beats, so; (C5) down,(G5) down, (A5) down up down with the beat on the down strokes, then pause for 2 beats before repeating, this time starting on the 3rd beat of the bar with the C5. Make sense?

I thought your strongest bit was the solo, started off very well smooth playing, I like the wasy the original builds up to a frenzy though, something you didnt really do.

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