So I have pretty much only played on my Roland Cube 30, and this week I've been out looking at amps. I thought my little ss cube would be blown away, but I found out the exactly opposite: My roland 30 cube at R-Fier sounds ALOT better (in my opinion, anyway) than many much more expensive and bigger amps.

So any suggestions on amps to look for that actually don't get owned by my little practice amp? Going to buy a high-end amp soon.
Budget? Style? ASL?
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Budget? Style? ASL?

No set budget. As said I am going for something of quality, and I am not afraid to spend some. But not anything sickly priced ofcourse.

Metal. I love the sharp and polished distortion the rectifier setting on the roland cube gives me.

Oh and there are lots of shops in my area, so finding stuff wont be too hard.
i got a cube60 amp i have the same opinion. it's a great amp!

i'll only change it for a mesa boogie rectifier