SO Ive been hitting the weights resonably hard of late and im finding at the end of the day mostly right before bed when I do my guitar practice that i am extremly sore already and the weights have affectiely killed my stanima

Master of puppets has to be ruled out as it just hurts my forearm more than usual and my pectorials. and fast palm muted chords needed alot of metal well its sloppy and slow cos im already sore

anyone else found this.... so many buff rock stars there must be a way aorund it or im missing something it really negatively effects my playing weights and guitar in the same day
It would really be inconvenient i generally go straight from work to the gym and then come home chilax for a while and play guitar would involve changing my routine.

+ concerts are generally at night hehe so thats when I practice
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do guitar before weights?

You Sir are a genius!
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Dont be a baby

just think of it this way, keep practicing like that and imagine how you play when you arent sore.

Worst Advice Ever.
Working the muscles too much - this is just common sense. You should be tired, not sore after a workout so look into changing your routine.