I know I've been posting a lot of songs lately, and mostly they suck. I'm not trying to impress anybody, I'm just trying to get some useful feedback. I've gotten it, for the most part I guess. So anyways heres my latest. C4C...

did i ever believe
i would face the day
when i would surrender my dreams
those better days to come
i had never imagined that they
would miss me

did i not see
the future, the penalties
of forgeting these things
so easily
and all for age
to grow older and say
goodbye to those hopeful days
to give way to the world
which says "live my way"

all lessons learned
i'd still go back to the day
when i just let go
things would change

could we take one look back
would we see our dreams
now lost
all those forgotten things
all the things we've never been
yet have seen, in abandoned visions
could we have them back again
and throw away what we let ourselves think
is just life before death

still looking back
oh what could have been
if not for what life was made into
what now seems only dreams
were once a future
i was able to believe
my friend, how i've forgotten you
We're only strays.
Great Lyrics - Bad Title. It's already a song anyway by Status Quo and a good one too. But I do find it hard to crit words without music or melody. I think all lyrics look crap if I can't hear music - My overrated personal opinion.