Hey guys,
I've been tryign to find my dream v guitar for the longest time. I've been trying to find a flying v shaped guitar that looks relatively vintage (standard gibson v type shape, rounded edges, binding would be nice, as opposed to V's like the Jackson King V, Ibanez v blade, and other more metal V's) but I'm not into paying gibson prices. I've been looking at the Dean 79 V guitars which are definitely good, but I also want a tremolo and Dean only does string-thru bodies for their V's. Does anyone know of another brand that sells a good vintage looking V guitar that supports tremolos (wouldn't it be nice to be a rockstar with enough clout to commission a custom V?)? Thanks!
Dean Michael Schenker custom V is an amazing guitar, doesn't have a tremolo though. also epiphone korina flying v's are pretty decent.
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hmm..rounded edges,oh i dont know,i always thought that gibson flying Vs were the ugliest out there,they just look so dull,thats my opinion anyway

but i think you might wanna check the bc rich KKV,tremolo,wicked sound,kickass finish,perfect! (although im no fan of Kerry King)
also i think you may find what youre looking for in the epiphone Vs,if youre looking for the gobson look!
if u like round edges, i would go for an old looking Explorer ;D atleast i prefer em over V's
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Try looking for Esp V series

although they are by far the sexiest v's.
especially the one dave mustaine uses.
they aren't very vintage?
Epiphone makes, or used to make, a Flying V with a locking trem (don't know much about it's quality though). It was the Goth V, there was a trem and a non-trem version.
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maybe u could get a epiphone v and get a kahler installed in it. i'm pretty sure kahlers only need top routing.