We play this one in our band.if you want to listen to it let me know.heres the lyrics.its inspired by the documentary with the same name

We all,we all inhabit this earth
that makes us earthlings
they are earthlings to
every bird
and the fishes to

but we
pretend it to be our own
though we to are flesh and bone
we control them
we melest their
we guide their lives
to death by surprise


we are earthlings
of the human kind
we dominate
and destroy

like a virus
we reproduce
the others lose
when we reproduce

ask them at the dinner what is it you eat what is you eat what is it you eat
if its chicken you ask them , would you look them in the eye ,would you look them in eye, eould you look them in the eye
on the day their throats are slit, and they bleed to they die,the bleed to they die
person says:
please dont taaaalk, about that ,,while i eeeaaat

you ruin my meal.

slit their throats,let our plague unfold
this is my first post... so yeah, im pretty impressed with the idea and what you did with it, but sometimes i feel its important to make your lyrics a little less obvious and try to let the listener dwindle on the idea and try to get into your head and understand the art and passion of the concept. i know me sayin this doesnt mean much, i dont expect you to change your song because some newy said some ****.. just givin you my thoughts as a fellow lyricist, because everybodys got their own style