i would say a soloist i think im not to sure tho

check on www.jacksonguitars.com

i have a jackson kelly
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I was also thinking soloist, but I'm not sure either. I visited Jackson's website and couldn't find this exact model. Anybody else have any thoughts?
yeah its a soloist. im going on the combination of that headstock and the non-arched body. im no expert on the matter though.
The reason I want to know is because I'm selling it. How much do you think I should sell it for?
I posted it for $450. I don't know how much it costed, it was a gift from someone I don't talk to any more. I did see this exact same guitar only it was a fender (which fender bought out Jackson, right?) at a music shop going for $650.
Hmm...I would say soloist too, but I always thought that all the soloists were neck-through???
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Hmm...I would say soloist too, but I always thought that all the soloists were neck-through???

they are, it must be some kind of dinky

TS do you know what year it is? i reckon it would have to be a discontinued model or something

EDIT: because the photo of the back isnt too good, just in case it is a neck through then id say its probably an SLSMG, that is the only current jackson model that has that headstock
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TS? I believe it's a 1996 and I think it was an import Jackson. I talked to someone from Jackson a few years back and he said even with the serial number he can't tell me what kind it is because something to do with it being imported model. I have no idea.
It's not a soloist (not neckthrough, not HSS, different headstock, etc.) , it's a 90s Jackson run they did.

I can get the exact name of the model, just give me a sec.
Thread Starter, some sort of import sounds about right, it cant be an SLSMG either because theyre not available in a burst finish like that
Thanks for all your help everybody. Would it possibly be a pro series DK2T Dinky??
No, those have a different head stock, that looks either like an older one, or possible an MG Soloist deal thingy. Like, 399 new I think.
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