Hey I know that Stevie Ray Vaughan always had his guitar tuned down a half step, and I was trying to learn Pride and Joy and it said the tuning should be all"flats" Well when I try to tune my guitar a half step down, some strings are flate while others are sharps.

For example instead of A flat it's G sharp? Are they the same thing? I think they are but I wasn't sure.

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Yes, Ab is the same as G#.

apparently the name depends on what key you're playing in but i find that complicates things, its still the same note no matter what key.
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The technical term is enharmonic. Ab=G#, Bb=A#, Db=C#, Eb=D#, Gb=F#.

In the key of C minor you would have Bb, Eb and Ab, because you're lowering the B, E and A in the C major scale to make the C natural minor scale. In the key of D major, you have F# and C#, because you're raising all of the notes of the C major scale by one tone, to become the D major scale.