Last year I went to a seminar where they showed us how they make these things. They're sold for between 2 and 10k. A few people were playing them, and they sounded nice. For that price they better. Any one own or play one before? The fan fretting looks like it would be pretty hard to learn. Would be it really be any better than straight frets? They believe it provides better intonation. It was hard to tell at the demo because people were just noodling around on them and there was no clear demo of the bass played properly for any length of time. It was all about how they're built. http://www.dingwallguitars.com
The composition of the bass seemes to be extremely dedicated and top of the line. I'm not sure how the fanned out frets would improve the sound quality as I've never experimented with non-parallel frets, but I assume these guys know what they're talking about.

And besides the fan fret style, these seem like well built basses in general. I would never buy one because I think 2-10 grand is better spent elsewhere.
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The Novax system is more meant for even string tension and sound moreso than intonation. However, they do make fretless versions of the Dingwalls, and THAT seems crazy.
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Personally I find them very impractical. Unless everyone else in your group that plays a fretted instrument has a fanned frets then you will sound out of tune.

To tell you the truth, perfect intonation and pitch went out the window in western music in the middle ages. And it would make the fanned frets sound out of tune to most peoples ears.