Well basically a while ago I bought an MXR phase 90 - but it drastically increased the volume so I sold it.

I've now bought an EHX small stone, but this one decreases in volume - only slightly, but still a bit

I was wondering whether it'd be worth buying a volume pedal to correct the problem (by increasing volume with it when using my phaser)

or would simply buying a new phaser be better?

if the former is better, what are some good volume pedals I should look at?

if the latter, then what are some good phasers that don't have any volume issues?
Use you're guitar's volume control.

End of problem.
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a little off subject but did the phase 90 give you any buzz or feedback?
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I don't have much experience with phasers, but ernie ball makes a nice volume pedal
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Use you're guitar's volume control.

End of problem.

well I would, but then I'd have to leave my volume at less all the time but then when kicking in the phaser turn it up. My fuzz factory is VERY sensitive to changes on my volume control and at lower volumes (on the guitar) it starts to behave differently which isn't really what I'm looking for. I use my fuzz factory a LOT.

so a volume pedal or new phaser really is the only way to go
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have you tried the van halen phaser?

it seems a pain int he ass to keep changing th evolume when you turn it on
i reckon a new phaser's a better idea