I've recently come into the possession of a Les Paul clone, which I'm pretty damn sure is an antique, considering the hardware (which my friend and I both agree are original), are of west German manufacture, a company called Schaller.

It looks like the company logo for whoever made it was scratched out, so other then a general outline, it's unreadable. There is a mother of pearl butterfly between the middle pegs, and the neck also has mother of pearl blocks on 1st, 3rd, 5th, 7th, 9th, 12th, 15th, and 17th frets, and the neck is 22 frets long.

Oh, and she's old, I gotta replace the bridge pup as it's all kinds of shot, but I want it identified before I start messin' with the parts, just in case I start droppin' her worth by grabbin what's cheap (which I probably would do normal-like).

I took pictures of pretty much everything I could think of that would be relevant, if you lot are willing to help, and can think of anything else that you'd need a photo of to help identify my baby, let me know and it'll be done.

All I can do now I guess is leave the task in your hands, and hope that there's enough guitarists here to maybe get an idea of what I got!

Thanks ahead for any and all help you can give me, even if it's just to direct me elsewhere where I might get better help.

Play on, rock hard, peace out.

Rather then waste your bandwidth with a bunch of photos, I'll just post a link to all of them.

Link is fixed, should work now.
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Antique becuase Schaller isn't based out of West Germany anymore, seeing as how that isn't a country these days. I'm fixing the link.
it looks old but the tuners look like they've been replaced. also east and west germany united around 1989-ish i think (correct me if i'm wrong, i'm 17 and english, how would i know?), so the hardware isn't necessarily old enough to be antique.
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Tokai? That's what the logo looks like....
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another one with a different colour. it's a cheap japanese knock off, worth nothing but still a very nice instrument. it would play as well a low end gibson from what i gather.

i searched "butterfly headstock" and got a few results

the brand is Concert
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looks nice. is it plywood, or mahogany? i got an old aria that is absolutely amazing, way better than plenty of gibsons ive played and compared to, its solid mahogany. your guitar was PROBABLY made after 1978, it doesnt have the lawsuit headstock.
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