Theres this awsome bit on guitar (well at least I think it is) at the start of the As I Lay Dying - Nothing Left video.

At the start of this video - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6TlNHCDmLmw (Meaning In Tragedy Live) there is a longer version of the intro.

None of the tabs for As I Lay Dying - Nothing Left on this site have that intro tabbed so I was wondering if anyone knew where I could find one or if anyone could make one?

Also if anyone knows the correct tab for Meaning In Tragedy could you tell me? lol thanks guys.
Ahh yes that does sound quite nice...I might try to tab it out...Lemme find the music video for Nothing Left

EDIT: ahh now that ive listened to it, just tune your guitar to dropped C and mess around til u find it out..It'll take too much trouble to tab it all out now lol sry...
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Lol kool nice one =]

Yeah theres only a bit on the video and i just downloaded the song and it's not on there :/
lol fair enough

and yeh its hard to see how hes playing it on that live video too