what are they exactly? the wiki article on it didnt explain it too well imo.

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a behringer amp like my 'v-ampire' ?

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Yeah, the wikipedia was easy to understand, its basically another name for a main riff, its a repeating piece of music, usually used in jazz and soul.
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What the hell has this got to do with Behringer amps?

OP: In jazz, we call a repeating chord, or short chord sequence a vamp.

What don't you understand about what it says on Wikipedia?

Quote by Wiki
A vamp is a repeating musical figure or accompaniment. A vamp typically outlines a single harmony, or in some cases a familiar sequence of chords...

This explains it perfectly..
What is going on in this thread? A vamp is just basically a jam or groove, a repeating chord progression. Nothing to do with gear or creatures or anything else.
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It looks pretty understandable for me. And it's repeating a chord sequence, often used in jazz, giving lead instrument place to improvise, not a riff.
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Just so I can look as cool as the boys, I'll quote from a different source:

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(1) A rhythm section ostinato figure.
(2) a short repeated chord sequence.