How much power input is too much for an amp to handle. Like two watts or something?
well, as long as you don't go over that cabinet's max capacity
like keeping it at 8 it'll probably be ok, but i wouldn't really worry about two watts, I have my 130watt fender combo feeding a 120watt mesa, no problems.

EDIT: when i mean max capacity, i meant like, don't put your volume at 10, or that will screw it up, and even if it's like a 10 watt amp, 2 watts, will hurt it. And I got bad news, 2 watts will hurt 120 watt amp just as easily, so don't test it.
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I was thinking about outputing a Micro cube into my bigger amp to basically use it as a pre amp. I'd have the vol about 10 o clock.
I'm thinking that's a bad idea. I'd say it's not worth finding out, unless you've got the cash to buy two new amps.
it would not work, unless you took it out from a line out, which i'm not sure the microcube has...and into the power amp of the other amp, it's just not feasible
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You could use the Cube's line out but you'd have to bypass the other amps preamp - so you'd need an amp with an effects loop...if you plug it directly into the amps input you'll probably fry something. However, I don't think it'd sound particularly good anyway, and it'll look really spazzy.
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Yeah, that's what I was thinking, and no, it doesn't have an effects loop (obviously, because I wouldn't be asking this question). Well thanks guys.