Hey fellow musicians,

I made a recording of the guitar solo "in Presence of enemies" by Dream Theater, with Guitar Pro providing the backings. Recorded through a POD, with an Ibanez RG350, with upgraded pickups.

The link is


and the song will come up on its own, as it is the default song.

I will also crit anyone else's recording as long as they provide the link, and that they leave a comment,

Cheers, Peter
Hi! Tnx for your crit on my recording, I'll crit yours like you asked

Very nice playing, you play very accurate and clean without any noise. Your timing is a little off sometimes but this shouldnt bother too much, as the mistakes are minimal

Keep up the good job!
And check my Satriani thread, I will answer your questions there..
I loved it

You have an awesome tone and the solo has a lot of feeling to it. Who did the drums? or is it a program doing it? coz at some points it sounds out of a couple of crash cymbols.

but over it was an unreal song, keep up the good work!
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