For those of you who have read Plato's Apology, you know Socrates says that his punishment should be free food.

For philosophy, I have to write a one page paper explaining why I think Socrates said this should be his punishment, argue why I think that, and give examples from the text of the apology.

My idea was that Socrates was ready for death. He felt he could no longer teach the people and was fed up with the society in general.

However, I know you all can come up with something far more humerous, while still retaining some seriousness. Come to think of it, I doubt most of you have even read this....
Maybe he just wanted free food? I wouldn't say no to that.
Maybe he lives next door to a gay chubby-chaser rapist?

As you've probably guessed i haven't read it
-accepting free food makes him a believer in wellfare
-wellfare is generally a democratic view
-all democrats are doomed to burn in hell

he was quite a smart man

Disclaimer: The first 3 statements are not to be taken seriously. I am a democrat
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I actually did a manuscript about Socrates last year. He had the option of being relieved of death penalty if he chose to withdraw everything he had said (he was accused for corrupting the youth of Athen), but he held on to his beliefs.

Perhaps he knew that he would be faced with death no matter what he said? Dunno, I don't remember all the details.
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