hi there!

i'm going to install a tremol-no on my guitar.
I have 3 springs installed (S-x-S-x-S) and i'm using strings 10-52

1) is it necessary to add a 4th spring? it would be S-S-X-S-S

2) when i install the tremol-no, is that a problem that the configuration is the following? wouln't it the desequilibrated? or the tremol-no works as a spring too

If you want the tremolno, just take out the middle spring and make it S x T x S

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that's not possible i think

the tremol-no has to be in the second position as you see in the picture.
i don't think i can put it in other position. the "arm" is not possible to move

at least i think. i don't have it yet
yeah, the tremol-no is in the second position. the whole claw is different, with the tremol-no pre-attached.

i use mine with 3 springs. i don't think the number of springs will really affect it; by that i mean i don't think it matters. you should just consider the number of springs the way you do when you don't have the tremol-no fitted, just as a matter of personal preference...

word of warning, though, on mine (with a gotoh floyd) there isn't enough room for the deep c to fit without limiting up-pull, so i can't access dive-only mode. but other than that, it's pretty nice.
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