Hey listening to it now its pretty cool interestingly weird tho i think u shud avingi t buld up towards the end and then move into a song...use it as an intro to another song, tho it cud be a track on its own

check out my new song and let me know what you think cheers its kinda weird and heavy and pretty dark so you mightl ike it

Yeah, I figured if I worked some more on it, it would be a good way to start at album
Sounds quite interesting, now you just need to blast into a dissonant, chaotic riff and thats a nice intro.

Ive been doing some similar experiments with my spare time at uni, you should have a listen. Experiment 1 is an experiment, the other intro is a very atmospheric keyboard intro Ive made.

As the angel kisses me once again
You scream poison as you glare
Your bow and arrow by your side
As if you cared

It's a mour......astral congregation