Hey everyone.
My dog just died a few days ago. I've had her since i was 4 and now im 16 so my family and i are taking it pretty hard. She kept throwing up about a week ago, so we thought she had just eaten something bad. But, the throwing up didnt stop...then blood was in it...then she wouldn't eat. It was just one thing after another...Then she was severely dehidrated and could hardly move so we took her to an emergency vet hospital at 2 in the morning (a week ago)....they put her on IV and things seemed to be getting better until her liver started to fail. They told us that she needed to be put down because there was nothing they could do and it would spare my dog the pain. So we had to put her down basically. My mom doesnt work and my dog always kept her company. She would follow my mom from room to room and my mom loved her company. Of course, my mom is taking it the hardest. She has been crying every day and thats not like my mom.

Me and my dad were talking about getting another dog once enough time has gone by because we dont want to be disrespectful in a way by buying another dog right after our other dog died, cause we all loved her so much. My dog was a sheltie (minerature collie). For our next dog (if we choose to get one) we want something to keep my mom company...maybe a littler dog with a great personality. We were thinking maybe a PUG...or Boston Terrier...or anything really....

So basically are Pugs good dogs to own? anyone who has known one first hand or second?...what other breeds do you think would be suitable for our situation?

Any help is appreciated
Get a pug, they are the most awesome dog in exsitance!

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i've had two boston terriers. they are the most amazing dogs on the face of this planet, followed shortly by the pug. either choice is an amazing one.
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Take your index and middle finger and gently strike her neck and make a "TSST" noise.

'Scuse me WTF?!
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Buy a dog of the same species and paint it the same color as the old one.

Sorry, I'm terrible with pets.

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Take your index and middle finger and gently strike her neck and make a "TSST" noise.

I honestly wish that would work in real life.
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O LOL!weres da problem?

I also though this was going to be about Dog the bounty hunter.

I am disappointed now

sorry about your dog.
Aw. That's terrible. My condolences.

I really like Labradoodles. My aunt has one. It's really mellow and sweet, and not to mention adorable.

Bassets are also adorable. They're just happy, stupid little animals.
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