So, when you basically fling your electric around your shoulder and then catch it again. I'm really not willing to randomly try that out with my only electric. It seems possible, but does anyone here actually pull it off?
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Search youtube for a vid of Alexi trying it and it lands on his ass. Totally embarrassing.

Don't try it.

Malmsteen does it though.
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i have a few times.. make sure you have a lot of room... alot
and straplocks are a must, unless you like seeing your guitar fly across the room.
alot of newer bands do it, its not that great tho...
I saw a clip of some band whose music I didn't find very appealing, but the guitarist did five or so flips in a row in the time Malmsteen can do one or two (eventhough Malmsteens music is much better, proving that guitar tricks have nothing to do with talent, but are very cool to watch). Also, check out some of Steve Vai's stuff, aside from throwing it around his shoulder, he also spins it around his neck (or used to) among other kickass 80's moves.
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i think theres a Wikihow on this, however i havnt tried it because i dont have straplocks
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Only do that if you can shred the ENTIRE time while doing that..

That's the only time i want to see a 'trick' at a show.
I tried it once, but as someone above said, straplocks are a must!

Both sides of my strap came off, it was a damn good reaction catch that meant i still have a working guitar
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