hi i was wondeing if a 7 string guitar comes setup perfectly for drop B? would i have to have it setup for it or would it be able to handle it just fine?
yeah i already know that. would i have to have to have it setup for drop B or would it be fine...
meaning dropping the E to a B?

why would you want to that!?
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Uh, I would think that Drop A would be fine, but drop B might require a set up.
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So do you want to send the regular six strings down to drop B, or do you want to use the low b of the seven string as the base and raise the other 6 strings up a step?

Either way really, I would think it would need a set up.
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I don't know why you'd want to do that but you should probably have it set up properly if you're going to.
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i actualy meant B Gb B E Ab Db i dont know the 7 string tuning though

Yeah, you don't play 7-strings like that.
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Guitars can handle being tuned up a step. You'll need to reintonate and adjust the action but that's it.

EDIT: THe 7-string equivelant for drop B would just be...

B (B)
F# (E)
B (A)
E (D)
A (G)
C# (B)
F# (E)
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