I am completely doing the electronics for my guitar. It didn't come with any. It is an H/S/S. Each pickup will have an on/off switch(SPST). Then I want to go direct from there to the volume pot, then to the output jack. There is also the wire from the bridge. I have looked on google and the Seymour-Duncan page and found no diagrams on how to do this. Does anybody know how? A drawing or something would be really helpful if you could. Thanks in advance!
Use this here:
And use SPDT switchs instead of SPST. As for making the bridge a humbucker, have the hot wire go to where the white bridge one is going in the diagram and then tape of the red/white ones (or what ever color your n/s ends are) and have the ground and shield go to the back of the pot (ground them).
And yes the bridge one is a ground, it goes to the solder blob on the back of the volume pot (just like the pickup's grounds and shield's do).