I'm slowly building up a pedalboard, and my next thing to get is a wah. I was looking at a DOD FX-17 on eBay, but it went too high. I've found a 'Dunlop Original Crybaby', but it's exterior is in really bad condition. I'll post a link, but you have to promise not to bid if it's a good find!


Here's my current pedalboard if anyone's interested...

Guitar --> Boss OS2 --> Rocktek Phaser --> Rocktek 6-Band EQ --> Out

I guess the Crybaby would go before the Boss.

Any advice?
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I mean they are great wah wah pedals, but i woudnt buy it. It looks pretty beat.
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Thanks for your replies. I don't care that much about the looks on the outside, but this one is fairly beaten.

But if the circuit is alright it might be worth a gamble. I'll try to get it for less than $35 AUD, which I probably wont be able to.

Thanks for the advice!
get it.....plus, I never knew you cant link ebay on UG...hmm

I havent seen it, but if it works, get it!
plus, you can spray pait it chrome or something cool anyways
To be honest, Crybabies aren't the greatest pedals stock. If you've got any soldering skills and you're alright with modding a bit (for less than $25 total!) you can turn your Original Crybaby into a super-wah- it's fairly simple, and the Wah Modding thread is always there to help. If you don't want to mod, though, check out a Vox V847- they're much better stock.
I'm going to keep an eye on the Crybaby, and pay a max of $50 AUD. If I don't win the item, I'll keep an eye out for a V847, I think they're cheaper aswell.

Didn't win. Went for around $80 AUD, which is a bit much if you look at the condition.
$50 is max for any used wah. $65 for vox clyde for me tho.
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