Am I the only one who thinks they're one of the worst bands on the planet?
I love ska. (mostly 2nd wave, but I love Streetlight Manifesto and some others)
But I honestly cannot stand this band.

Lax might possibly have the worst lyrics ever written. He says "f*ck" so many times, it's ridiculous.

I'm not trying to make a spam thread about how much I hate them or anything like that. I just wanted to know if anyone agrees with me and what people like about them...
I love Big D and the Kids Table
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Checked them out at Warped Tour.

They didn't seem that bad.
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i'm voting for GNiCk89. i just like how he speaks TO me, not AT me.

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Yea, Sublime is a great band. You have an Underoath icon, so I think your opinion doesn't matter.
hoestly, i dont like them either i cant stand many 3rd wave bands, but there are a few i really ****in dig, like the toasters and the slackers, but its cause they odnt have that dumb fast chords verses with a fast "punk" chorus, its so stupid to me, its not really ska to me.

and i am mainly into 2nd wave, but i love the Skatalites more than anything.
Yeahhh some of their older songs are rough.
I hate the song LAX.

You should listen to Stricly Rude. They sound like a completely different band.

Anyways there are a ton of Big D threads around here. *closed*