When comes to popular music, shred fans tend to be jaded. We look down on guitarist from mainstream bands (Jimmy Page, Synyster Gates). We find most music on the radio not up to our high standards. So my question is this: do you find any mainstream music, of any genre or decade, enjoyable to listen to.
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Of course; there's plenty of good mainstream music out there.
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I like lisening to mainstream rock and other things on the radio when I'm bored, but not all day long or play it by my self.
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i do listen to mainstream bands like paramore, as i lay dying, and bright eyes but i find much of the music that is played on the radio is like the ticking of the clock and you eventually just tune out where as listening to someone like PG, or Vai is different because you can actually take some of their technique or their chord shapes or just anything and make it your own. I'm not saying that that doesn't exist in the mainstream but it's much harder to find there. and whoever looks down on Jimmy Page is retarded imo.
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Yeah, of course.
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I haven't listened mainstream radio in a long time, so I have really no clue how's the recent mainstream music. Sometimes though, you might accidentally hear a good pop song.

What really bothers me on the music that's played in the mainstream radio is that pretty much all the music almost completely lacks dynamics and is compressed to hell.
I wouldn't say that shred fans look down on mainstream guitarists (although Gates gets bashed a lot). It's just that mainstream artists don't get as much credit for technical prowess. they're usually talented songwriters though (but that's a matter of opinion).
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Very much so - justin timberlake, annie lennox, mikey jackson, eminem, twista, green day - ****, loads of stuff. Love it.

Just because you're into Necrophagist or Vai doesn't mean you can't like Muse or the Smiths - its just that you obviously can't pretend the latter have the technical ability or musical knowledge of the former.
I used to be pretty closed minded like that. If it wasn't screaming guitars @ a million miles an hour, I wanted nothing to do with it. Then I read an article by Ritchie Sambora that really changed my perspective:
"Music is like a little town, with one main street and little side streets. Each side street is a style...jazz, blues, rock, metal, you get my point. People can live on one street all their lives and that's fine. But when a player walks down the main street and looks down all the side streets, that's when he becomes a musician ."
It hit me really hard. After that, I went looking for anything I could find. I've come to discover I don't like EVERYTHING, but I appreciate alot more now than when I was a hard-headed metal freak. And overall, it's made me a better player.
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What really bothers me on the music that's played in the mainstream radio is that pretty much all the music almost completely lacks dynamics and is compressed to hell.

I really hate that too. "Oh lets make it sound huge *compression*" "Where did my dynamics go... Oh well"

I rarely listen to mainstream either.... Even if im forced to turn on the radio i generally tune to a classical music station or something.....
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I don't look down on the musicians and thier capabilties but but the thoughts that make them think why they want to play or sound like they do. I actually like Led Zepp but not A7X.

For example: Look at some of Lamb Of Gods new material (I don't like Lamb Of God either but hey).. think of how talented they *probably* are as a band and then try to think why they are playing songs with lyrics that sound like they are written by a 15 year old with every Pantera riff thrown over it.

The world can do much better. The music biz is pure laziness on the whole as far as originality goes.

I do like alot of pop music ...that's about it. R n' B (not what it used to mean) is the main thing now and i can't stand it
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