(Ahh crap my fingers hurt) What are (***) some scales I can use to practice. I've been at it with E, A, and D cords for 2 hours now, and my fingers hurt, but I'm willing to learn something new. Maybe a scale to help my finger movement, I guess.
Major scale; not just the shape but the way it's built.
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yeah harmonic minor and diminished scales have slowly crept into my style.

damn yngwie...
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Don't get too far ahead of yourself if playing chords still gives you finger cramps.

I'd say the chromatic scale for getting finger strength and the Major Scale to familiarise yourself to scales in general and how they are played both ascending and descending.
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Your fingers shouldn't hurt when you play anything on guitar. You might be pressing down too hard on the strings. Always try to play with the least amount of tension as possible.
i would go with the major scale.
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i would go with the major scale.

I definitely agree theory wise the major scales are the most important to learn.
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