So I was watching this amazing song in youtube (Yup, ignorant elitist metalheads do appreciate other kinds of music) "Sarah Brightman & Andrea Bocelli - Time To Say Goodbye", and I couldn't stop noticing that around 2:40+, Sarah looks like she's in love with Andrea.
But I checked in Wikipedia and there's nothing about them having any kind of romance.
So It's just for the show or they did have something together?

This is the video.

Pretty sure it was just a duet for the song.

Btw, that's long been one of my favorite songs.

Oh, and, I dunno if this is relevant at all, but both singers have eventually gone on to re-record the song solo.
One of my favourite songs as well hehe. I even know all the Italian lyrics!

No there was nothing there. If they looked at each other in disgust it'd probably ruin the mood.