which is better for 80's hairband style? going to buy jackson dk2 or dkmg. or just buy either one and switch pups out for others? going for vox ad30 to play through.
set me straight!
i own a Vox AD30 and it sucks for shows. get a bigger amp.

either pickup is good. i would reccomend EMGs but duncan makes amazing pickups too.

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EMGS are THE ****...enough said, the pinch harmonics, tone sustain and everything is soo much better
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EMG's are nice, however for hair metal, I would recommends some Duncans
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EMG 85 and 81 w00t!


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well the ad30 was for home(practice). the duncans are jb-tb4, and jazz sh2n. the emg's are 81,85. let me ask this. are all pick-ups standard size? say i get emg one and decide to swap duncans, easy as dropping in or gotta cut, shim or whatever to the body of guitar?
emg's will give u more dist.
SD's are probably better for hair metal
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i love my emg's and i've got the DKMG, i don't really play "hair metal" exactly, but i do play older metallica type stuff(is that considered hair metal?) anyways i think they've got great distortion and are great for solo's as well(not so good on clean channel though, for some reason i get like..a really thumpy bass like sound from it)
I've never really tried any other pickups so i can't really compare them to anything
Edit: actually i've tried the pickups that come on my friend's Ibanez RG, and i like mine more. But those are also passive :P
Edit again: and if you want the link to a blemished DKMG for 600 usd i can give it to you, i got mine blemished as well, turned out awesome.
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lol, everyone makin it hard. sounds like they are all good. stuff like halen, ratt, poison,
living colour.etc,etc. not lookin for exact reproduction sounds but just close and versatile.
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emg's will give u more dist.
SD's are probably better for hair metal

who says emg's only work for dist. the 81 can get those nice overdrive blues-like or hard rock like tones, and the 60 and 85 can also get high dist, but also that mellow overdrive or great clans, so dont bash the emgs.

everybody who has said EMGs are just idiots who read the thread title and came in here to say EMGs because thats what they have.

youd have to be an idiot to get EMGs over duncans if you wanted a hair metal sound

EDIT: by the way im not bagging out EMGs im just saying theyre just not as suitable for what the threadstarter seems to want
I'd say my personal first choice would be Dimarzios and second choice would be Duncans.

You might try to get a Duncan in the bridge and a Dimarzio in the neck.
EMGs are great and all. But, I can't think of a single 80s Hair Metal band that used them. I wonder why. Oh, maybe it's because EMGs are for HIGH GAIN METAL. Gawd.

Get some SDs or Dimarzio's. Personally, I prefer SDs.
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