should i go with a fender FM 212R 100 watt combo amp or a line 6 spider III head with an epiphone triggerman cab. would that cab and head combo be possible?

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Fender all the way. I've played it. It's nice, and very loud.
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instead of the Spider, i would buy an Epi Valve jr., or a Peavey Windsor. idk if the price is that much higher, but sound-wise, what an improvement that would be.
Wow, I think either of those would sound terrible.

I would choose something like a peavey windsor, as mentioned above. Or if you want cleans, maybe a blues junior.
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Both of those amps are a bad investment. Use the search function on UG and see the opinions.
Line 6 or the peavey windsor
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Quote by sandman321
Line 6 or the peavey windsor

I would not recommend a Spider halfstack.

They are good practice amps 15-30 watts, but more than that, you might as well throw away $150.

If you want something louder than what you have look into a 60-120watt SS combo or 30-50watt tube combo.

I would recommend a Cube 60 if you need to do band practices or small gigs. A B-52 At112 combo for band practices and medium gigs.
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