Preseason games start Thursday, so it's time for a new NHL thread. Predictions, anyone? Can the Ducks even approach last years success? Will my Blues ever have another winning season? Only time will tell, but we can guess here in the meantime.
Death to Ovation haters!
Red Wings, Red Wings, all the way
Hope we don't play Canada, eh?

Go Wings!
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umm.....I think this year, Ovechkin and Crosby will be getting alot better. hopefully there teams will get to the playoffs. Its great to see the Ducks finally win a Cup, that was great. didnt follow it much last year, hopefully i will be able to more this year.
Penguins all the way!

Season tickets! Woo!

I can't wait.
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its the leaf's year baby, theyre going all the way
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on a related note, who wishes authentic-looking hockey jerseys were cheaper? maybe the new reebok jerseys they're getting will make the price of the old jerseys go down.