the 10th fret on my guitar, the metal not the wood, has a nick in it contoured to the string from when my cousin dropped my guitar. Because of this that fret and the 2 adjacent frets are shaky as hell and dont produce an actual sound unless the string is bent. The whole string (b string) has become shaky too because of this, making tapping impossible. I could get it fixed if i absolutely have to, but i dont really have the money for this and my parents wont pay for it. Is there anythign i can do to fix this fret? I'v re-strung it many times since this began and i'v adjusted the action too. The reason im out of cash is cus i spent my last 30 on getting this same guitar fixed of a bowed neck (very bad luck with this ****ty guitar). can someone help? Is it even possible to fix this fret without changing all of the frets??
you would just need to replace that fret. idk of any way of changing it w/out some fretwre, which costs some money. so, no, there isnt rly a way to fix it now. but take it to a tech before u try any surgery on the neck.
wow that sucks....i'd say just take it to a shop and ask for an estimate and ask if they could tell you how to do it yourself
how did you cousin drop the guitar? and um...i dont think its gonna cost a fortune so i guess you can always wait? and then fix it?

and i dont see any way of fixing it without changing the fret, because the frets are delicate
thx 4 the info guys, except doom. **** off doom. thanks. im bringing it in tomorrow for an estimate
its a BC RICH Warlock, so its pretty much **** anyway but it wass my 1st guitar (i also have a dean MLX) so it holds some sentimental value ya know? and it sounds really good right now with zakk wylde custon pickups
Tell your cousin to pay for it.
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Send your cousin to a place where there is no child labor laws and make him work.

Seriously though, just take it in for a estimate.