Hello every. I just came to ask some other fellow bassists for advice.

I've been playing bass for a good 2 1/2 years now, and am curious as to where i should be in playing skill. I can play mostly anything melodic and rock. I get a little tricked up on some stuff, but play it out by ear. I can play mostly everything from avenged sevfold, and im working on blues/jazz.

I'm trying to work on getting a more fluid motion with slap+pop though, thats a bit tricky.

I only know a little theory though. Minors and major patters, and intervals. Im learning though.

this isnt thread isnt to brag, as im sure im not too well off. But just wondering where i should be with the time ive been playing.

Well I have been playing for an equal time to you and I:

-Have an intermediate knowledge of music theory.

-Have the same thing going on with slapping as you do.

-I don't know about A7X but I can play most/all Iron Maiden.

So I just have more theory knowledge than you. That's about it unless I'm advancing at just as slow a pace.
Ive been playing around 4 years and I play pretty much funk rock stuff like the chili peppers but you are at an ok place for the amount of experience.My advice would be start working on jazz and blues NOW.Im learning my lesson being in a jazz band with a former Mo-town and Stax records guy.Pretty much walking bass lines and reading sheet music.Work on the slapping and popping,for that my advice is to watch videos of Flea and Bootsie Collins and Victor Wooten they all have really good articulation in that department.I hope I could be of any help to you
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Don't compare yourself to others. Especially on the internet where BS runs like the Yangtze River. It leads to a world of grief. There is always someone better than you, get used to it. People advance faster than others, get used to it. Just keep plugging away as best as you can.
Haha, i just never really thought about theory untill about a week ago. I thought i was a goner. I'm self taught, if that can be an excuse.

I know mostly blues style, i listen and play a lot of audioslave, but i can't walk to well.

Thanks for the feedback though. Its much appreciated.
Truth is being a bass player without a band is not a very fun or even logical place to be. Asuming you have a band be good enough to play well in your band. Then look to your future and see if you are where you want to be in a year or so. Pratice and try to get there. The only real thing you can do is be the most versitile you can be. Be ready to play with anybody anytime. And as long as you feel like you are making progress, you are probally where you need to be.
Yeah. Thats the best way to go about things. I just got into music theory and that opened a big door for playing with my bands. I can pick a lot of things i hear a part, but it takes longer to get music to go with my band. Just knowing my major and standard blues scales helped.

If anyone knows any good intuitive sites, that would be a help too.