I'd like to know what you guys think. It's a hard rock song that's just missing some sick vocals.

If you give it a listen I'll check out your mp3s.
crit as i listen.

symbols r a lil loud. some really cool riffs, catchy. your playing is very clean and polished. i love the chorus riff. the solo is good, great tone, love the modulation. again some awesome heavy riffs. desparetley needs vocals, but still great. keep it up.
thanxs for the crit on mine
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yeah the cymbals are a little loud...but i love the panning you did with them. I'm really impressed with the quality as well. The guitar sounds great. haha as stupid as this sounds, this seems like it'd be a really awesome song for guitar hero...just because it is so catchy. I would definitely like to hear this with vocals. You have such a great base for a song here.

crit mine?