I just added an album to itunes from a collection of mp3's on my computer, individually numbered each track, and now it's ordered 13 to 1 rather than 1 to 13 in itunes and on my ipod, but i highlighted all the songs and made sure they have all the same info....disk 1 of 1, same genre, etc...

Any ideas?
do any of those songs have a license to em? or maybe its a different kind of like format as in MP3 or WMA but other ones idk if they`ll play in itunes
have you checked their ID3 tags and made sure that the track numbers are correct, they might be alright in the filename but tehy might have got mixed up on the tags, it is the tags that the player sorts by first.
You probably just put them in order backwards. I had the same problem with a cd. Before i ripped it, i accidently pressed the song tab, and it went backwords and went on gthe computer backwords. You might have to delete it and re-rip it.
it should be alright if you edit the ID3 tags (can do this in media player and winamp, personally dont use Itunes but am pretty sure it will work) will be quicker than re ripping