No.. I know what vibrato is and how to do it.. except for with bends. I've been practicing a lot of SRV recently and he does a lot of stuff like bending a note and putting vibrato on it while it's bent (I know other artists do this too, I'm just saying). I'm really having trouble with this. I don't really think it's lack of finger strength (although it might be), as I play with 11's and don't really have trouble bending or anything like that, but whenever I bend a note and try to use vibrato while it's bent I can't help but let the string go back down to normal position. I guess when I put it that way it probably is a lack of finger strength, but when I think about it the mechanics just don't make sense to me. Help?
your basically going to keep it bent but use less movement then your average vibrato

well you could use a tremolo
or go to thinner strings
or just keep practicing and build the correct finger strength
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Takes alot of practice. I know jeff beck said the way he got good at vibrato was to use every finger at every fret on the guitar for practice. Takes a while I can assure you. With the bent notes the trick is to bend then release a little then back up......etc. Its best Ive found to do it slow at first. Then work your way up in speed. And lots of practice at different speeds. Another way you can do it is the way a violinist does it. Bend the note then shake your finger back and forth. No so pronounced an effect but will sound different to. you gotta find what works for you. Everybody vibratos a little different. Gilmour uses the wammy bar alot to. I usually start out at the 15th fret with one finger then 2 at the 16, then 3 at the 17, and so on. Then down a string and come back down. Do the six strings then shift down one fret and do it again. It gets much harder to do closer to the nut. But just takes lots and lots of practice.