Had one for about 6 months, never thought about changing the strings until now (I know I know its lazy!). cut one string off with pliers to change it as per with any other guitar. Problem? It has weird "reissue" type machine heads - unlike anything else I've had to deal with. How do I go about changing strings, there's no hole through the actual tuner and all the other strings seem to go inside the actual peg..

Its all very strange and any instructions on how to put new strings in would be very much appreciated! Thanks.
I should point out its a reissue one, not an original 52. Otherwse I'd be friggin rich.
no, but it says fender pat. pend on it and is a three saddle reissue one, not a 6 saddle model.
If you're talking about the vintage Kluson split-post tuners it's easy - once you've pulled the string tight through the bridge, cut it short so there's about 2" of slack past the tuning post (This stops you having to wind it round too many times, making your guitar slip out of tune).
Then shove it down the hole in the centre of the post. When the string's in as far as it'll go, make a kink in it and wrap it once or twice around the post, then tighten it as you would any other guitar.
A well known tele trick is to start by winding the string once in the opposite direction, then back across the middle before you start winding. This locks the string and reduces tuning problems.

Nice choice of guitar btw!
That's great, thanks! Restrung it earlier today and it sounds great.