i don't have bass for this at all,
and i'm sure i'll add it eventually,
but right now, i'm far too lazy.

other than that, i think it's pretty cool.
the keyboard parts might be a bit hard,
but whatever; i don't even play keyboards.

I just want to sleep forever.

The intro is pretty good, nothing special though.

Ah, I love the time sig change. It would be awesome with drums.

The keyboards are a nice touch.

I love the 5/4 riff. Yeah, the keyboards would be pretty hard I'm guessing, but I don't play it either.

The chorus was OK, would be pretty good with vocals.

The interlude was pretty good. Lol, the first chords in the build-up were pretty useless, lol, couldn't even hear them, but I guess it doesn't hurt to have them there.

Pretty good song, I'll give it a... 8.5/10.

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WOW dude. That was REALLY good. nice job.
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i could see that being liek a sign at an entrace to a theme park ,"remember to always be safe dont litter and remember to have a nice day in my pants!"

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i thought it was really cool, the only part i didnt like was the intro, i liked it once the keyboards came in then it got really freaking awsome dude.
how do you change the guitar sounds or instrument sounds on power tab?
Really sweet ****, man.
I loved that time signature change in the intro. Sounded really sweet.
That beginning riff was pretty tight, too.
The keys are amazing. I bet they'd be pretty hard, but it would sound awesome.

Overall, amazing as always. Glad to see another Groverman title. =D
Spiral Out
If anyone can play the guitar VI part in the riff and bridge I WILL bow down to you.
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Quote by ajmix2
If anyone can play the guitar VI part in the riff and bridge I WILL bow down to you.

keep in mind that it's meant for keyboards.

I just want to sleep forever.

even so that would be pretty difficult

Overall good song though
Your Mean

I hate you now

Let's be friends and play!

I really liked the last two measures of the Verse, and I find it miraculous I liked your riffs, but yeah gratz, really nice , sometimes I think too much was goi ng on at the same time, but well, it works either way, and both guitars can often be audible, however I think it is far too repetitive with the 4x repeat bars, personally while i thought the interlude was nice i thought it was somewhat boring, uh i thinkt he intro was... well timed i guess o.O i liked the chords within the intro and uh... i think the intro riff it self got a bit tiring while timed well either way o.O -small mixed feeling - kewl keyboards, great riffs

check out mine? its not completely finished yet though :X
Funny, I immediately thought of Godspeed when I saw the song title, and you have a Godspeed quote in your sig.
That's really all I had to say haha.

edit: Song kicks major ass bro, I love it.
Intro reminded me of Coheed and Cambria's Backend of Forever.
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