Hi everyone, new here. I used to play, buut havent for a while, would really like to start again, but am short on cash, I do, however, have an xbox 360, 3 controllers ( one is missing the battery pack), 2 of the 20 gig hard drives, HDMI video cables, and 14 games:
Halo 2
Call of Duty 3
Perfect Dark Zero
Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter
Condemned Criminal Origins
Dead Rising
Need for Speed Most Wanted
Need For Speed Carbon
MotoGP 06
Test Drive Unlimited
Burnout Revenge
Tony Hawk Project 8
Blitz The League
NBA Live 07

Im not sure exactly what im looking for, but i do want a somewhat fair trade, i know ill never get close to what i paid for all this stuff, but im not looking for a squier either. Im also well aware im new on the forums and am willing to ship first to anyone with positive feedback on the forum. oh, and Thanks for looking.
i have a bunch of stuff. i mena ALOT. give me a price range your looking for on the 360
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i have a bunch of stuff. i mena ALOT. give me a price range your looking for on the 360

Im looking for around 400

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got a tom delonge wannabe strat with fender everything plus a fender amp if your interested pm me

Sorry, Not quite what im looking for

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i have a cheesecake from the Cheese Cake Factory...

Seriously, this thing is ****ing DIVINE

Lol, yes they are, i used to work at one.
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how bout a 60 gig ps3

Tryin to get rid of all my video games for a while. sent you a pm tho
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I'll swap ya a carvin bass.

No thanks, Ive got a pbass i dont play as it is
Its the Original Xbox Premium pkg, so it came with the 20 gig hard drive hdmi cables and wireless controller, This is actually my second, i got one of the original first run ones that suffered the 3rrod so i went out and got a second, hence the 2 20 gig drives