ok i made this thead not just for me but for eveybody couse i always here about what a good teacher sould know and what he should teach but diffrent people have diffrent thoughts so i was thinkin about ug and i was like WHO WOULD NO BETTER THEN THESE GUYS lol so im askin u what makes a good teacher good is it the way he thinks or is it the nolige he knows plz help
ug's cool so i guess im cool to

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Knowledge, and want to teach. If the guy just wants to screew around during the lesson, you won't learn much. If the guy is boring, and to the point, you get alot done. It sucks, but true... Maybe you can find a fun, efficent guitar teacher?
Fretting a note and plucking it is the easiest task, but remember how hard it was back then? It was so hard to get a note to ring out and not buzz! Just remember that it was very hard to learn guitar.

Also, try to incorporate theory into your lessons, but not too much or they might get discouraged. Just keep them interested, even if it means taking a day to learn a song they like instead of more scales and shapes.
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1. Knows how to spell
2. Shows signs of intelligent life
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knows how to read music
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