I want to get a new guitar, because quite simply I am bored with my Squier Strat. I have had it for 3 years and gotten much better, so I figure I should step it up and get a halfway-decent guitar or just a really nice guitar, not some MADE IN CHINA knock-off.

That's where I want you guys to help. There are thousands of guitars out there and I really don't have the time and patience to go through them all and pick the one I like best.

I like progressive rock music, like Muse and some dirtier southern rock like Every Time I Die. I like to play really scratchy and fuzzy too if you know of a guitar like that please tell me.

I don't really like the looks of stratocasters so I kinda want to stray away from those and I have played the infamous Gibson Les Paul's and did not like them.

What I do like is Ibanezs, not so much the shape but the neck itself, but I am not a huge fan of EMGs, so I rather have something like Hot-P90s, Motherbuckers, or Rio Grandes.

So I am really open to any and all suggestions, but I'm trying to help you help me by narrowing it down.

By the way, I don't want to spend more than $800.

So I would appreciate your help, THANKS
Perhaps a Jackson, or a Ibanez Rg 1570 if you want to spend about $700, Or another option would be a Ibanez S model. Is a locking trem ok?
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Cheap, good guitar w/ EMG's-Agile has one for only $400. So u can spend more on an amp. if u want a fuzzy sound, buy something like a ProCO rat pedal.